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19th January 2015

Broad Group are Building for a Sustainable Future

Broad Group is a leading air conditioner manufacturer based in China, with subsidiaries worldwide who have, in recent years, also become known as a reputable manufacturer of sustainable prefabricated buildings. Broad Group have set ambitious goals to reduce 70% of global energy consumption on building heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and 15% of greenhouse gases through sales of energy-efficient products, the promotion of building insulation technologies and motivating energy saving codes and regulations.

Broad buildings are unique, they reduce materials consumption five-fold and manufacturing waste by 99%, as well as being more energy-efficient and earthquake-resistant. Broad Group also provides engineering consultancy services for sustainable design, and advice on how to eliminate the need for active heating and cooling.

Broad built the T30A - a 30-story hotel - in 360 hours, or just 15 days. You can watch the video of this truly impressive feat of engineering here. What is even more impressive though are the buildings sustainability certifications. Third party tests found that the building could withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake; heating cooling and lighting the building uses only 20% of the energy consumed by a traditional hotel, its internal air is twenty times purer than the atmosphere outside; it costs between 10% and 30% less to build compared with conventional methods, using about 30% less steel and 85% less concrete.

It was also built without accident of any kind and with less than 1% of the construction waste discarded in traditional methods. All of the materials used in the building are free of toxic materials and are mostly recyclable. If Broad's methods could be scaled to the construction industry as a whole, then its environmental impact will be vastly reduced.

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