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29th June 2017

Born B in Brazil

Brazilian Cosmetics company Natura made history in 2014, as the first public company to become a certified B Corp. This month, they celebrated the renewal of their certification by bringing together the B Corp community in São Paulo, to discuss how they are working to redefine the role of traditional business and what it means to be truly successful. Richard Branson, Co-Founder and Co-Chair of The Beam, joined Guilherme Leal, Co-Founder of Natura and B Team Leader, in a discussion about building a new economy, along with more than 200 entrepreneurs from the ‘B Movement’ community in Latin America.

During the conversation Richard said, “There used to be a time where business leaders thought politicians and governments run the world, but by and large, that has changed, because entrepreneurial business leaders can make, and are making, a radical difference.”

Taking it one step further, Guilherme added that not only is this good for people and the planet, it’s essential to their ultimate success. “Corporations are living beings, a dynamic set of relationships, and their longevity will depend on serving society and people.”

Over the full day event the extended B Corp community - from multinational Danone to emerging startup Karün - shared how their businesses are making a difference in the move to a more inclusive economy and sustainable world.

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