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8th October 2014

Bas Hochstenbach: Sustainable Tourism 2.0

Bas Hochstenbach, Co-Founder of Asilia Africa describes the role sustainable tourism 2.0 can play in conserving our most precious natural wildlife and ecosystems, in the most recent addition to the 'Plan B for Business' blog series being produced by The B Team in partnership with The Huffington Post.

For years, tourists have enjoyed the incredibly diverse ecosystems and magnificent wildlife Africa has to offer. Many governments have also set aside large tracts of land to be protected. But the upkeep of this land can be difficult for governments alone, and biodiversity loss worldwide continues globally at an alarming rate. In fact a recent World Wildlife Fund report has found that global biodiversity loss sits at 52% since 1970."Responsible tourism "2.0"—in a Collaborative Conservation effort with other stakeholders—has a major role to play in securing the world's iconic wildlife species and its most precious natural habitats" write Hochstenbach.

Hochstenbach believes that sustainable tourism 2.0 has a major role to play in collaborating with other conservation allies to to ensure the protection and conservation of these natural habitats.

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