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22nd June 2016

B Team Leaders: Britain and EU Stronger Together

This week, voters in the United Kingdom will vote to decide whether their nation will remain a member of the European Union. The EU is a partnership that has allowed peace to prosper, and harnessed the collective power of its members to address issues like climate change, human rights and transparency. The B Team Leaders support Britain remaining a member of the EU, for the benefit of all its citizens. Read the open letter to voters from five of our leaders below.

On June 23, voters in the United Kingdom will participate in a national referendum which will determine whether their country remains a member of the European Union.

The EU, and the regional communities which preceded it, have helped the nations of Europe thrive in a harmonious partnership for more than 50 years. Democracy, human rights and rule of law have flourished across the continent during that time. The EU has helped to create a more stable, secure and economically prosperous Europe.

We believe the UK and the EU are stronger together and that the EU is stronger when the UK leads in Europe. Should the UK opt to leave the EU, we believe that the negative economic and social consequences will be felt for many years.

In today’s increasingly connected and interdependent world, many of the issues that we care about the most deeply—and that are foremost on the minds of British citizens, young and old—are better addressed collectively. The EU and UK, working together, will be better able to deal with challenging issues like climate change, sustainable development, fighting corruption and protecting human rights. Through the EU, the UK is in an even stronger position to lead on the Global Goals, multiplying the power of its development assistance.

We hope the people of the United Kingdom will exercise their right to vote, and when they do, that they choose to keep the UK at the heart of a strong and united Europe.


Richard Branson, Co-Chair, The B Team and Founder, Virgin Group
Jochen Zeitz, Co-Chair, The B Team and Director, Kering and Harley-Davidson
Sharan Burrow, General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation
François-Henri Pinault, CEO and Chairman of The Board of Directors, Kering
Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever