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7th September 2016

Burrow and Crane on Significance of US and China Paris Deal Ratification

Last week an important stride on the long journey to overcoming climate change was made: The US and China both ratified the Paris Climate Agreement.

For the Paris Climate Agreement to come into force 55 countries, representing at least 55% of emissions, must ratify the agreement in their national parliaments. The agreement, which was struck in December last year, charts a course for the world to reach a thriving net-zero emissions economy. Before last week, only 25 countries, representing just over 1% of emissions had taken the important step of ratification. Leadership from major emitters China and US brings this total now to 27 countries, and nearly 40% of emissions - putting the agreement on track for entry into force this year.

In this piece, published in US News & World Report, B Team Leaders Sharan Burrow and David Crane explore why ratification is so important, what it means for business and governments around the world, and urge more countries to act to bring the Paris Climate Agreement swiftly into force. Read their insights here.