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23rd May 2016

B Team Commends Target for its LGBT Policy

On April 19th, U.S. retailer Target took a stand against discrimination, announcing that all employees and customers are free to use the facilities that correspond with their gender identity. Since adopting this just and correct policy, Target has experienced a hateful backlash, including threats of a widespread consumer boycott from anti-LGBT activists.

We know that the companies that succeed in the future will be those that help their employees to thrive and which champion diversity and inclusion—as Target has done with this policy.

Today The B Team issued the following public statement in support of Target’s humane stance on this important issue:

The B Team stands beside the executive team at Target, and thanks them for their important stance on behalf of basic fairness, decency, and respect for transgender people.We remain determined to champion diversity as a key characteristic of successful 21st century businesses, where people are invited to be different together. Policies which promote inclusivity, and enable all employees and customers to use facilities that correspond with their gender identity, are the embodiment of this principle.

We encourage other business leaders to do the right thing, and to demonstrate the moral courage to follow Target’s example. We also encourage consumers to stand up and demonstrate their support by continuing to shop with Target.

Target is not only protecting basic human rights; it also is celebrating the inherent dignity and value of all their employees. And we applaud them for it.

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