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24th April 2020

At a Convergence of Crises, Let’s Lead The Path to an Inclusive Economy Together

By Halla Tómasdóttir

Last year, B Team Leaders came together to craft their collective vision of the world they want to leave for future generations. What emerged was a bold vision—one of an inclusive economy. An economy where we have shifted our definition of success. An economy where we measure and value what matters to humanity and is needed for all life to thrive.

What also emerged was a commitment to becoming five times bolder and strengthening both our actions and accountability in bringing this vision to life. We found ourselves mapping out how we would honor this commitment. We would create bold space for dialogue. We would lead with brave action in our own organizations. We would mobilize coalitions and partnerships to scale these actions in our industries and geographies. And we would use our powerful voice to amplify purpose-driven and principled leadership.

As the world now navigates through the uncertainty and distress of the COVID-19 crisis, we can’t lose sight of this vision. We need leaders to act now to secure the safety and well-being of humanity, but we also need leaders to decide now to build back better—and put us on the path to an inclusive economy.

I'm thrilled to share our vision for an inclusive economy with you today along with an invitation to join us in getting there.

Bold Vision Brave Action The B Team Strategy 2025 is our five-year strategy to inform our plans, actions and decisions toward an inclusive economy through 2025. Using The B Team Compass as our guide, this strategy focuses on how we’ll play our part in cascading the transformative leadership needed both in this moment and in the long-term to reach our vision.

Our vision is of a world where global inequality gaps are closed. Where we accept nothing less than diversity and gender equity at all levels of organizations. Where all businesses operate transparently and with integrity at their core. Where our economy is regenerative and we’ve delivered a just and inclusive transition for the world’s workers.

Getting to this future won’t be easy, but we see it as the imperative of the 21st century. It’ll take all of us stepping up to build fair and inclusive workplaces from the supply chain to the boardroom. It’ll mean greater advocacy than ever for both businesses and governments to adopt 1.5°C-aligned climate targets. And it’ll require strong accountability and transparency mechanisms embedded in the private sector through great corporate governance, open company ownership, responsible tax practice and support for civic freedoms.

Most importantly, we won’t reach it alone. We need to work together. At its core, an inclusive economy means our systems work for everyone and are built in partnership with workers, communities, governments, activists and more. Where these groups may have once been seen as unlikely partners, we now all have a shared hope for our future. None of us will see it without collective action and radical collaboration. Over the next five years, we’ll strengthen our commitment to bold dialogue and brave action that brings these voices together.

There’s no doubt that the road ahead will be filled with challenges and that we may not be able to anticipate the size and scale of the roadblocks we may find on our way to the future we choose. But with our five-year roadmap, we can face them head-on—and with the five times bolder action, collaboration and commitment they need.

The steps we take today, and over the next five years, will determine the types of leaders we become. We do not yet have all the answers, but if we choose to be in service of humanity and embrace a principled, humble and purpose-driven approach to our leadership, we can both meet the urgency of this moment and choose the future we want and the next generation needs.

Together, we can become the leaders the world is missing.