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3rd December 2014

Aimee Christensen: Can social business be a powerful tool for large corporate impact for good?

"Why would a 19 billion dollar company need social entrepreneurs? Can't they work on their own toward their goals of water neutrality, increasing renewable energy generation and energy efficiency, scaling recycling and recycled product markets?" These are the questions asked by Aimee Christensen in the latest post for the 'Plan B for Business' blog series, produced by The B Team in partnership with The Huffington Post.

The company Christensen is referring to is FEMSA which is utilizing the power of social entrepreneurship and social business to advance their sustainability goals.

FEMSA's model is unique in that they are not turning to innovators and experts to address specific needs, but instead cultivating an ecosystem to support social entrepreneurs. With this strategy they are creating thousands of jobs per year, allowing companies to fill social gaps where government, business and non-profits have not been successful, benefiting from increased stability in their operating environment, and benefiting from the innovation that come naturally to social entrepreneurs and ventures.

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