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10th May 2017

CEOs of Major U.S. Companies Urge Trump: Stay in Paris

CEO's of 30 companies with major operations in the United States today issued an open letter to President Trump, urging him to keep the U.S. in the Paris Climate Agreement. The CEOs of the companies—which include Goldman Sachs, Unilever, The Coca Cola Company, Proctor & Gamble, Salesforce and The Dow Chemical Company—stated unequivocally that staying in the Paris Agreement was best for their business interests, for U.S. trade, for job creation and American prosperity. This letter was published in the Wall Street Journal.

Read the full letter and list of signatories below.

May 10th, 2017

Mr. President:

We are writing to express our strong support for the United States remaining in the Paris Climate Agreement.

As CEOs of large American companies, or with significant operations in the United States, we are concerned about keeping the doors open for the global flow of American manufactured goods and products at this critical time when our Manufacturing sector is starting to grow from our competitive energy advantage.

Based on our vast experience doing business all over the world, we believe there is strong potential for negative trade implications if the United States exits from the Paris Agreement.

Our business interests are best served by a stable and practical framework facilitating an effective and balanced response to reducing global GHG emissions. The Paris Agreement gives us that flexible framework to manage climate change while providing a smooth transition for business. We believe that American companies…and our suppliers, customers, and communities… will benefit from U.S. participation in the Paris Agreement in several ways.

It strengthens our competitiveness in global markets.

It benefits American manufacturing as we modernize to new, more efficient technologies.

It supports investment by setting clear goals which enable long-term planning.

It expands global and domestic markets for clean, energy-efficient technologies which will generate jobs and economic growth.

It encourages market-based solutions and innovation to achieve emissions reductions at low cost.

We are committed to working with you to create jobs and boost U.S. competitiveness, and we believe this can be best achieved by remaining in the Paris Agreement. Let’s work together to maintain the United States’ status as the world’s biggest champion of economic growth and innovation.

We appreciate the opportunity to share our views and would welcome the opportunity to provide further input as the Administration continues to shape its policies.


Inge Thulin, 3M Company
James K. Kamsickas, Dana Incorporated
Michael B. Polk, Newell Brands, Inc.
Oliver Bäte, Allianz SE
Andrew Liveris, The Dow Chemical Company
Geisha Williams, Pacific Gas & Electric
Brian Moynihan, Bank of America Corp.
Edward Breen, E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Company
David Taylor, Procter & Gamble Company
Zhang Yue, BROAD Group
Jeffrey Immelt, General Electric
Feike Sijbesma, Royal DSM
Denise Morrison, Campbell Soup Company
Lloyd C. Blankfein, The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc
Marc Benioff, Salesforce
David W. MacLennan, Cargill Inc.
William Brown, Harris Corporation
Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, Solvay
Michael L. Corbat, Citigroup, Inc.
Alex Gorsky, Johnson & Johnson
Elon Musk, Tesla
James Quincey, The Coca Cola Company
Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase
Paul Polman, Unilever
Wendell Weeks, Corning Incorporated
François-Henri Pinault, Kering
Richard Branson, Virgin
Tom Linebarger, Cummins Inc.
James Gorman, Morgan Stanley
Robert A. Iger, The Walt Disney Group