The Third Gathering of the People Innovation Network


The B Team’s People Innovation Network is bringing together some of the world’s largest companies to explore new ways of working and how companies can become 100% human and in June, The B Team and Virgin Unite hosted a People Innovation Network gathering in London.

Attendees agreed that organizations can play a major role in facilitating a culture that helps each employee achieve a feeling of purpose and meaning in their work.

Top suggestions and practices to help facilitate this type of organisational environment included fostering an environment that:

  • promotes meaningful relationships between employees
  • is fair both in terms of pay and work life balance
  • allows employees to feel empowered, not micromanaged
  • challenges employees without being overwhelming them with work
  • creates organization-wide awareness of the bigger strategic picture and direction of the organization

The B Team will continue to host People Innovation Network gatherings as part of its drive towards making work 100% human.

To read a blog account of the gathering from Virgin Unite’s Emily Turner, click here.

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