Paul Polman: Global Business and Climate Change: Don’t Get Left Behind


In the latest post as part of The B Team’s Guardian Series, B Team Leader and CEO of Unilever, Paul Polman highlights the business case for taking decisive climate action.

He’s convinced that strong action on climate is the smart financial and moral choice, citing that “a changing climate already costs Unilever between $300m and $400m every year” and that climate induced extreme weather will only become more frequent in the future.

Polman continues by saying that leading companies are already taking action, addressing deforestation through Tropical Forest Alliance 2020, reporting their own greenhouse gas emissions, and signing up to responsible investment principles.

However, business cannot tackle climate change alone. Polman closes by calling for strong government action at this year’s COP 21 in Paris, to create a policy environment that provides the certainty and stability needed for all stakeholders to move forward together.

To read the full blog click here.

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