Charlotte is a Cause Strategist for The B Team’s Net-Zero Initiative, which aims to drive company commitment to climate action. She leads the work on climate competent boards, building the movement to embed climate considerations into corporate governance at the Board of Directors level.

Before joining The B Team she was a Sustainability Specialist at NRG. Her role was to help one of the US’s largest independent power producers create a clean energy future by catalyzing change within the company, as well as across the industry, through facilitating NRG’s stakeholder engagement program. This included managing some of NRG’s complex multi-stakeholder relationships and partnerships, supporting investor relations in long-term investor engagement, leading the effort to improve the integration and disclosure of climate-related risks and opportunities into the company’s business strategy, and working with customers to scale sustainable business solutions.

Prior to joining NRG Charlotte held a number of international strategic roles in both the private and public sector, including for Opower, the Rutar Group and the European Union Institute for Security Studies.

Charlotte holds an M.A. from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and a B.A. in Social Sciences from University College Roosevelt in the Netherlands.