Annabel joined The B Team in February of 2016. She has ten years of experience working in research, policy analysis, international politics, and strategy development.

Currently, Annabel is the Cause Strategist, Governance and Human Rights at The B Team. She leads The B Team’s workstream on building private sector support for the protection of civic rights and civil society space. Annabel also supports strategy development for anti-corruption and human rights policy work and conducts policy research on anonymous companies, tax and sustainable development, open government and human rights.

Prior to joining The B Team, Annabel worked as a consultant at UNICEF’s New York headquarters and spent three years as a Program Coordinator at the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights working on business and human rights. In Washington, DC, Annabel worked on domestic and international policy in positions at the Center for American Progress and Oxfam America. She interned in the United States Senate and at the White House during the Obama Administration.

Annabel holds a bachelor’s degree from American University in International Studies with a focus on peace and conflict resolution and a Masters Degree in Human Rights from Columbia University.