Andrea Brenninkmeijer is the founder of Riley Productions, a film company specialising in delivering exposure and resources for start-up initiatives, and creating longterm impact plans for overlooked yet vitally important social justice efforts.

Seeking ‘win, win , win ‘ strategy, Andrea‚Äôs contributions range from support to incubating and documenting The Elders, developing Peace One Day into a global peace organisation, and creating an aligned National Educational Resource Pack, consulting for PUMAVision, W.H.O., Brit Doc and The B Team.

Currently focusing on youth education, prison reform and mental health care, Andrea also contributes to NGO start-ups by connecting funding partners, assisting with media strategy, and adding guidelines and principles. Andrea worked full-time for 10 years producing and researching arts, culture and human interest documentaries for Telecom Staff, Japan’s leading production company. Andrea serves on the advisory boards of Virgin Unite, The Long Run and Media Ethics Magazine.