Every action we take and every decision we make has a ripple effect, influencing those around us and affecting situations.

We use :FHPC as a practical tool, a daily routine to help us find the best direction and accomplish our mission. It guides us toward fairer outcomes, honest interactions, positive results and more.


In addition to our moral compass, we hold the following core beliefs:

We believe in pursuing the unreasonable and radical over the purely possible or sensible – now is not the time to shy away from breakthrough aspirations, even if they are unpopular ones.
We believe in acting with the best interests of only humanity and the planet, and need to protect this fiercely in everything we do – who we work with, how we are funded and what we say.
The change we seek will require complex, multi-stakeholder solutions to complex, multi-stakeholder problems — we believe the only way to achieve this is in committed, transparent and open collaboration and partnership.
We believe that we must strive to be an engine of action – a do-tank, not a think-tank, and that our plans, attitude and ideas must carry this through at all times.
We believe we do not have all the answers, and that this journey that we are on is one that many people started long before we have arrived here.
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