Unilever Now Has 600 Zero-Waste Sites


Unilever have reached a new milestone in their quest to be 100% zero-waste in all their factories. Announcing today that over 600 of their sites, in 70 countries are now sending no waste to landfills.

In 2008 Unilever set the goal of sending no waste to landfills from any of its factories, by 2020. Last year they announced this had been achieved in 240 sites and contributed 200 million euros in cost benefits to the company, as well as creating hundreds of jobs. Since then they have scaled their zero-waste solutions to another 400 sites.

Unilever’s non-toxic waste is eliminated using the four R’s approach of reducing, reusing, recovering or recycling. Waste is diverted into compost, bio-fuels, new building materials and more.

Unilever today also announced a new collaboration with the leading value-chain platform 2degrees to help accelerate their plans and bring more organisations together to leverage the zero waste model.

You can read more about Unilever’s zero-waste model and plans here

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