When Will the Fashion Industry Address It’s Toll on Workers and the Environment?


As fashion runways filled up in London and New York for Fashion Week, Orsola De Castro, co-founder of Fashion Revolution was contemplating the high social and environmental cost of her industry.

The last half century has┬áseen an era of ‘fast fashion’, with the industry moving production overseas in search of cheap labour and lax regulation, while also thriving financially from hyper-consumerism, an abundance of choice and the race to produce ‘the new’ for the next season. In short, “we forgot about the planet for a few decades and we forgot about the people who make our clothes”, writes De Castro in the latest blog post from The B Team and The Guardian.

The fashion industry directly employs 75 million worldwide (with at least double that working for the sector informally), produces 400 billion square metres of cloth, and it takes 2720 litres of water to make one t-shirt.

The second most polluting industry behind oil has a long way to go, but De Castro sees hope in a small group of industry trailblazers and also offers advice on where consumers can help.

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