Jochen Zeitz and John Elkington Challenge Leaders to Turn Talk into Action


As the doors open in Davos and global political and business leaders begin to talk about some of the most pressing issues facing the world Jochen Zeitz and John Elkington ask: is all this talk leading to timely, effective action – and at the necessary scale?

The answer they believe is, simply: No.

In this post - in Guardian Sustainable Business – Jochen and John make a challenge to the likes of the World Economic Forum, to not just discuss stretch agendas, but also to help implement them at the necessary pace and scale. 2015, in their view will be a critical and potentially historical year, one in which the needle can be shifted towards breakthrough, radical change.

Where “talking shops” fail, business can and must step in to provide effective and scalable alternatives to steer the global economy on a more sustainable course.

To read the full post click here.


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