Kevin Steinberg: Time for Government, Business & Civil Society to Act Together

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2015 is an incredibly important year for both the sustainable development, and climate change agendas. In September, the United Nations will adopt the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) laying out a 15 year plan to address global inequality, poverty, healthcare, education among many other important global issues. In December, global leaders will come together in Paris at COP21 to decide a roadmap to address climate change.

If we are to be successful in tackling these issues, unprecedented collaboration on a global scale will be needed.

“Challenges like climate change and those raised by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are too interrelated and complex for any single nation, organization or sector to address alone” writes Kevin Steinberg, President of Purpose, in the latest blog post from The B Team’s Guardian Series.

In this post Kevin shares his experience working to build collaboration across sectors and describes some of the innovative partnerships that are becoming more commonplace in the 21st century, giving him hope that we can tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing us together.

To learn more about fostering collaboration across government, business and civil society and why they will be extremely important in the years to come, click here.

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