The B Team is a catalyst for bold dialogue, inspiring courageous leadership and brave business action toward a fairer, greener and more human economy. The B Team’s global collective of business and civil society leaders are working together to build a principled and purpose-driven private sector and demonstrate that, with courageous leadership, business becomes a force for good.

The B Team has three core areas of work, and the Governance and Transparency (G&T) Initiative, established in 2014, is one of these. G&T’s vision is that business acts with integrity, accountability and responsibility, to address the key governance challenges of our time, positively impacting a just and equitable world.

We are seeking a consultant to evaluate the G&T initiative thus far, highlighting achievements, strengths and weaknesses and making recommendations regarding next stages.

Governance and Transparency at The B Team includes fostering responsible tax behaviour in business, working with business to defend and promote civic rights, and driving business as a key constituency in anti-corruption efforts. Our long-term goals are:

  • Anti-Corruption: Transparency in ownership and contracting enables clean and accountable markets free from corruption.
  • Tax: Responsible corporate tax practice and fair and effective tax systems contribute to sustainable development across societies.
  • Civic Rights: Civic rights support active citizenry and stable, sustainable business environments.

Role Overview 
We are seeking an experienced consultant to deliver an evaluation of the G&T Initiative, focusing on its first five years.

The goals of the evaluation are to:

  • Assess the approaches and achievements of the initiative to date.
  • Capture lessons learned.
  • Offer recommendations for G&T’s development and future planning.

The key stakeholders of the evaluation are:

  • The B Team (including the G&T team)
  • G&T donors
  • Other partner organisations, including companies, international organisations and civil society, among others

The evaluation is expected to start in July/August 2019 for an estimated duration of 35-45 working days. It is not anticipated that this is a full time assignment; the length of time reflects the likely challenges of arranging interviews during the month of August. We would like a final evaluation by no later than 15 October 2019.

The evaluation should consider the Initiative’s effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, focus and sustainability over its first five years, from 2014 to date. It should cover management; project activities and results; partnerships and stakeholder coordination, and capacity and resources. It should take into account the genesis and “start-up” of The B Team, and how the G&T initiative developed within that context.

The following is a list of key questions that should guide the evaluation:

  • RESULTS: How has the G&T initiative added value? What has it achieved in particular? In the case of missed opportunities, how have we learn them?
  • FOCUS: To what extent has the G&T initiative found the right areas of focus, and how can both the content and process for finding focus be improved in future?
  • THEORY OF CHANGE: Building on The B Team model, what are the most promising ways of adapting G&T approaches
  • RESOURCES/MANAGEMENT: How successfully have resources been raised, managed and allocated, and what are recommendations for improvement?

More detailed questions will be agreed with the evaluator, as the methodology is finalised.

The consultant will plan and conduct the evaluation in consultation with the Governance and Transparency team. The G&T team will provide the requisite documentation and enable access to partners and stakeholders.

While the consultant is responsible for the evaluation design, the methodology should be agreed with the Governance and Transparency Team at The B Team.

The method will likely include

  • Desk review of relevant documents
  • Interviews of internal and external stakeholders
  • (Possible) survey of stakeholders

Some limited travel may be required to complete the evaluation.

Expected Deliverables
The following deliverables are expected

  • A 3-page inception report, outlining the scope of the work, evaluation questions and intended work plan/timetable shall be shared with the G&T team within 5 working days of starting the consultancy. This will provide the team with a proposed schedule of tasks, activities and deliverables, and clearly set out how the consultant will work with the team.
  • A draft report, of approximately 25-40 pages, due after approximately 30 working days. The B Team will review and comment on this draft.
  • A final report of no more than 25-40 pages, covering the scope of the evaluation as set out above, and including an executive summary of one page and a section on evaluation methodology, as well as a slide deck with highlights of the findings.

The report and slide deck will be completed and presented to the G&T team within the working days contracted for the consultancy, and will subsequently belong to The B Team.

NB: The final report will remain and retain the independent view of the evaluator.

To apply:
The B Team welcomes applications for this evaluation from individual consultants or a team of consultants. The budget is up to Euro 30,000 inclusive.

The consultant(s) should have a demonstrated track record in NGO project evaluation, specifically advocacy evaluation, including some experience of engagement with the private sector as a stakeholder/partner.

We especially value an evaluator that has experience with start-ups, is a good communicator, well organised and is familiar with the fields of governance, anti-corruption, responsible tax and business and human rights.

Applications should be sent by email to by 14 July 2019.

Applications should consist of:

  • A cover letter, specifically focusing the requested skills and experience
  • A proposal of how the evaluation will be carried out, including a budget showing daily rates
  • A curriculum vitae of the lead consultant(s)
  • Contact details for 3 references
  • Work samples as relevant